Why Stenographic Reporting is Your Best Value

Why Stenographic Reporting is Your Best Value

Stenographic reporting offers attorneys an economical option.

From: Behmke Reporting, San Francisco, CA

Why is it that stenographic court reporters are the most technologically advanced reporters and are the best value in courtrooms and deposition suites?

Here are three good reasons:

  •  Stenographic reporters produce the most exact record

These days, everything about stenographic reporters are digital. In addition to being the most sophisticated “computer” (the human brain) ever invented for listening and understanding the English language; stenographic reporters instantly capture the verbatim stenographic notes on redundant digital memory devices.

  •  Fast, quality production of transcripts

When a transcript is needed, a stenographic court reporter can provide a certified transcript faster and with more accuracy than any other method.

  •  Stenographic reporters are proven successes

The effort to push stenographic reporters out and replace them with a digital audio monitor has time and time again proved a failure. Jurisdictions in Kentucky, New Mexico, New Jersey, Texas and California have all gone through the painful process of buying into the fantasy of getting cheap transcripts produced from digital audio files – only to discover that in addition to the transcripts being actually more expensive, they were also often unintelligible. All those jurisdictions had to regroup and bring back stenographic reporters. They made the decision to value the sanctity of the record over false unfulfilled promises when it came to the lives and fortunes of their citizens.

San Francisco court reporters use the latest technology to produce the most accurate transcripts at reasonable costs – and that equates to the best value.


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