White Plains Court Reporters

White Plains Court Reporters

White Plains court reporters are evolving in today’s modern legal field.

White Plains court reporters are providing the vital link vital link between law firms and new technology that is propelling the legal field into the 21st century with new ways to conduct business. Through new options for connectivity and information management, law firms are working more efficiently than ever before.

Video technology is providing a way to link attorneys with their peers and other people important to their cases anywhere in the country. This technology is also offering attorneys a way to conduct a deposition over an internet connection taking advantage of broadcast-quality audio and video. Video hookups are also being augmented by realtime reporting which is giving the attorney immediate access to a transcript as the words are being spoken. This also accelerates the production of finished transcripts.

New York court reporters also can assist when lawyers still have the need to travel despite new technologies for connectivity. Working in a new city can be cumbersome without the right tools, and fully equipped conference rooms offer the toolbox that lets lawyers work more effectively. Connectivity and creature comforts are combined along with the services provided by some of the country’s best court reporting professionals to make working on the road a pleasure and a success.

Choosing the right court reporting firm can be the connection that law firms need to make in order to bring the pieces together for a new way of preparing for cases. Using new technology and taking advantage of the expertise of these experienced professionals, law firms are making the leap into a new way of practicing law.

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