The Justice System: A Force For Balance

The Justice System: A Force for Balance

The justice system is meant to provide fairness for all.

It is in the courts that citizens are on equal ground with powerful billon-dollar multinational corporations. And while it may be true that the more wealthy party in a lawsuit is able to hire the best lawyers, the most expensive experts, and the strongest litigation support team, still the principles of fairness and equity are the rule in the court.

The facts of the case are truly the essence of the matter in the justice system.  The judge is there to oversee the proceedings, to rule on disputes, and to present the law to the jury.  The lawyers are there to argue the case and present their view of the law and facts to the court.

Witnesses are present to give evidence and to explain that individual’s view of relevant facts, under a strict oath to remain utterly truthful.  The jury, of course, is there to weigh the evidence, to analyze the facts and the law and to reach a verdict as to what happened, who is responsible, and to assess the damages.  A litigation support team operates behind the scenes to make sure that details are taken care of, and court reporting companies are called upon as needed to provide solid professional and accurate record of the proceedings.

Often the judge may need to review critical pieces of evidence, when considering and ruling on a motion, for instance.  And often, the judge may need to review testimony, which has been preserved in a written record, called a transcript.  Court reporting companies sends court reporters to take down all the verbal evidence and argument in the case, word-for-word, and then type it up into a transcript booklet for the court to review in ruling on a motion or making a final decision.

Without a verbatim record of all the proceedings, in other words, without professional court reporting, the judge cannot go back over testimony and argument and recall what was said in exact detail.  The judicial system relies to a great degree on reliability of facts and evidence that are presented in court, and so it relies heavily on the accuracy and skill of court reporters in making a complete record of the all proceedings.

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