Give the Reporter a Hand to Get a Clean Deposition Transcript

by Julie Brook, Esq.

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give-the-court-reporter-a-hand-to-get-a-clean-deposition-transcriptWhen you’re taking a deposition, you know that ensuring a complete and accurate record is vital. So don’t take the person who’s dutifully taking down the proceedings for granted: Assisting the court reporter is not only polite, it might be the key to a clean depo transcript to use at trial.

Helping the court reporter starts even before the deposition begins by

  • Showing up early to organize documents for convenient reference and mark them as exhibits.
  • Giving the reporter a copy of the case caption so the transcript will include the correct case name and court number.
  • If the deponent is an expert, offering the reporter a written glossary of unusual terms that will be used during the deposition.

Once the deponent and other counsel show up at the deposition, you can help the court reporter by identifying everyone there, including the party each counsel represents.

During the deposition, help out the reporter by:

  • Spelling technical words or proper names into the record;
  • Controlling the examination so that two people aren’t talking at once (and if they do, ensuring that the reporter records the deponent’s statements before others’);
  • If you’re working with a relatively inexperienced reporter, making sure he or she understands that interrupting the examination to ask for an answer to be repeated is preferable to guessing at what was said;
  • If you are uncertain whether the deponent’s answer was recorded correctly, asking the court reporter to read back the last question and answer and, if the answer is incorrect, asking the deponent to repeat the correct answer;
  • Checking in with the reporter at a break about any transcription problems; and
  • During unusually long or technical depositions, occasionally asking if the reporter would like to take a short break.

California Court Reporters


California Court Reporters

Finding the right firm can have a big impact on California cases.

California court reporters can offer law firms a number of tools and services that allow them to work across our vast state.

With so many large cities and smaller communities flung across such a large area, California poses unique challenges to the legal professional. With technologies that include video conferencing and video depositions, attorneys from around the country can connect to their cases in California while never actually leaving their own communities.

For the visiting attorney, California court reporting companies can provide on-site litigation support including videotaping which can be accompanied by realtime reporting, offering the attorney a new way of viewing depositions. California court reporters can also offer comfortable, well equipped conference rooms that are the perfect setting to make working here a productive and efficient time.

Real time reporting has also become an important part of the work of California court reporting firms. Using this new technology, today’s legal professional has another tool to get the most out of each meeting. They now have immediate access to the transcripts they need to better serve their clients.

California attorneys already know about the high-quality service provided by today’s court reporting firms. From pre-trial motions through trial and the appeals process, court reporting firms in California can help to craft solutions for attorneys at every stage of their cases.

In California, legal professionals know that having the right court reporting firm can make a difference in cases. Choosing the best firms can mean the best technology and people are ready to bring the very best in services.

Los Angeles Court Reporters Enhance Legal Practices

Los Angeles Court Reporters Enhance Legal Practices

Technology in the law firm can save time and money.

In Southern California, lawyers are working in a highly competitive environment amongst one another in addition to working in a busy legal culture. Crowded caseloads and busy court dockets are creating unprecedented demands on legal firms, and each new tool that can be introduced into a practice can make a difference.

Los Angeles court reporters can bring technology into the law firm; with a variety of time- and money-saving options to help attorneys better serve their clients. Video deposition technology can be a powerful tool to increase efficiency for legal practices. Recorded depositions can give attorneys an important added dimension to help assess the truthfulness of witnesses under questioning.

It can also help by allowing attorneys to work remotely while their support teams watch in the practice. Investigators, paralegals, and other support personnel can be a part of depositions by communicating with attorneys via secure chat connections.

Indexing of transcripts has also become a time-saving tool. It allows the law firm to quickly find the information they need to prepare their cases. In the course of one case, hours can be saved by this technology, which can also be used as a document storage tool that allows multiple people to work on the same document.

Each year, technology changes our world in many ways. For the legal professional, this new technology has provided new ways to serve clients inside the courtroom and in the negotiating room.

Los Angeles Court Reporters Provide Technology to Legal Professionals

Los Angeles Court Reporters Provide Technology to Legal Professionals

Technology is an important resource for the legal community.

In America’s second-largest city, courtrooms are packed with both civil and criminal cases. Meeting the demands of these busy caseloads falls to everyone in the legal community, and attorneys know that they can rely upon Los Angeles court reporters to provide the technology to help them serve the needs of their clients.

Live legal video, transcripts, and courtroom exhibits, and conference rooms for litigation are all available from these professional firms, who can also help attorneys from around the country with their needs when they conduct work in Southern California.

Lawyers know that the most valuable element of their firms are the legal support teams that help them prepare for cases. Using the power of the internet, legal teams can watch depositions as they happen through secure internet connections. The internet is also allowing firms to store their documents online and then work together through password-secured portals, meaning that attorneys can work from anywhere even if they do not have hard copies of documents.

This new legal environment has put more demands on attorneys as they work in an interconnected world. Cases can often take them far away from their practices and their clients, but technology allows them to stay connected. This remote technology is making a difference in improving efficiency in preparing cases for the courtroom and the negotiating room.