Boston Court Reporters


Boston Court Reporters

Today’s attorneys have the latest tools thanks to Boston court reporters.

Boston court reporters have recognized that their role in the legal arena has changed over the years, and they are now the source new technology as well as the experienced court reporting services that have been the backbone of the industry.

As technology has advanced over the years, many law firms have found it necessary to immediately incorporate new technological tools to stay on pace with other practices. Boston court reporting companies have become the source for this technology, bringing innovation, efficiency, and lower costs to legal professionals around the country.

New video technology has played an important role in how legal professionals work, and it has played a role in cases across the country.

First, video depositions used in courtrooms can be valuable tools. Juries get the chance to see a deponent, which gives them a better way to evaluate the truthfulness of the deponent that they would have by simply listening to the read back of a transcript. Additionally, new technology has also allowed court reporting firms to produce videos that can help advance a case. Day-in-the-life videos and graphic presentations can have a powerful impact on juries, and the impressions they leave are often carried into the deliberation room.

Video technology can also be used to remotely participate in depositions and other legal meetings and proceedings. This is helping to save time and money for law practices, giving them more time to work with their clients. For depositions, this technology is often augmented by real time reporting that can give lawyers immediate access to rough transcripts as proceedings happen.

These new technologies are some of the ways that court reporting firms are making a difference in today’s legal world. Each day, these firms are helping lawyers meet new challenges in a demanding field.

Philadelphia Court Reporters

Philadelphia court reporters

Philadelphia court reporters can provide solutions for visiting attorneys.

For more than two centuries Philadelphia has been home to many of the ideas that are the building blocks of our legal system. From the writing of our Constitution to today, it is the home of many of the nation’s most prominent legal minds.

Philadelphia court reporters can provide these legal professionals with the 21st century technology that has become an important part of the legal field. The internet is providing law firms with new ways to conduct their business, and Philadelphia court reporting companies can provide access to these important tools.

As more attorneys see that their cases will carry them to other towns and cities around the country, they are looking for ways to increase efficiency. One way to do this is through eliminating travel by using video technology. Video depositions and video conferencing can be used from any location in the country with an internet connection. It allows the legal professional to remain at the firm working with clients and better utilizing time to prepare for cases.

Court reporting firms in Philadelphia can also provide the conference rooms and other services that attorneys visiting the area need to succeed. These visiting attorneys can feel confident that they will receive the highest quality of professional service that will make their trip productive.

Each day, court reporting technology is used in the courtroom and in law firms around the country to make differenced in cases. Find out how this technology can benefit you and your legal work in Philadelphia.


Producing Day in the Life Videos for the Courtroom

Producing Day in the Life Videos for the Courtroom

an experiences videographer can make the difference in a legal video.

From: Michael E. Levinson, President, DALCO Reporting, New York, NY
If you are an attorney or law firm representing an accident victim, video can be one of your most powerful allies in front of a jury. More often than not, when the services of a legal videographer from White Plains court reporters are requested, it is for the purpose of recording a deposition.
If an attorney trying a case believes that a deponent’s testimony could be more impactful when seen by a jury, he may elect to have those depositions video-recorded for playback in court. Nothing, however, strengthens a case like a properly composed Day in the Life video once an individual’s quality of life has been altered by some accident or event. It is one thing to hear the details of an individual’s physical or mental limitations as described by an attorney familiar with the facts, and a completely different experience when actually seen with your own eyes.
Here are a few tips to ensure you maximize the effectiveness of your Day in the Life video, in a more cost-effective way:
  • Coordinate with the hospital staff or social worker to schedule any daily activities or therapy sessions for early in the day. It is a waste of both time and money for the videographer to record hours of footage when the person is just sitting there not doing anything.
  • Prepare your client. An uncooperative or irritated subject can be distracting to a jury.
  • Interview family and friends for higher impact.
  • Experience matters. The experienced videographer knows what to focus on and how to blend in.
  • Ask your local court reporting firm about post production editing options of the video.