No Court Reporter? Really?

No Court Reporter Really

NNRC can provide reporting support when your legal work takes you anywhere.

by Tom Richardson, President, Stewart Richardson Deposition Services

Litigation is time consuming, complicated, and filled with deadlines. The last thing you need to worry about when taking a deposition is the court reporter. You’ve prepped for your deposition, kissed your spouse goodbye, and jumped on a plane to another city. You’ve arrived at the deposition location, pulled everything you need out of your briefcase, grabbed your fourth cup of coffee, and are ready to engage.

You look around the room and start to wonder, “Where’s the reporter? Did my staff forget to schedule someone to cover the job? The expert witness is charging me by the hour, and my client isn’t going to be happy about paying them to sit there idly.” Probably never happened to you, but it does happen. That’s why the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC ) is so valuable.

One short call to your local NNRC member firm, and the wheels begin to turn. Need a location? No problem.   What about a hotel recommendation? Done. Restaurant choices? Here’s the list. But most importantly, the NNRC delivers. Every time.

NNRC members are reliable and exceptionally capable. Unique circumstances are our specialty. Count on us to come through when you need us most. We won’t leave you stranded. Call 866-337-6672 for more information. Or visit to discover the difference NNRC members provide.

With over three decades of experience, Tom Richardson is noted as Indiana’s leading expert in court reporting innovation, service and technology. Under his leadership, Stewart Richardson has grown to be Indiana’s premier deposition firm, with a corporate commitment to integrity and exceeding client needs. Contact Indianapolis court reporters at Stewart Richardson for more information about how they can enhance your legal work


Indianapolis Court Reporters Ready to Serve Today’s Attorneys

Indianapolis Court Reporters Ready to Serve Today’s Attorneys

Finding the right litigation support is an important component to courtroom success.

When legal work carries attorneys away from their practices, litigation support becomes even more important. They need to have the tools to efficiently work so that they can complete their work and return to their clients and their practices.

Indianapolis court reporters can help make legal work more productive by providing visiting attorneys with the tools they need to be successful. From reliable and accurate court reporting to the latest technologies that take advantage of video and connectivity, these professionals are ready to help today’s lawyers meet their challenges.

Over the years, Indiana court reporters have evolved to stay ahead of new technology in order to give lawyers many new tools to enhance their casework. Videoconferencing enables the attorney to remain in contact with legal teams in a highly effective way and it also allows attorneys to conduct depositions remotely. Realtime reporting is playing a bigger role than ever before as attorneys see the need for immediacy in rough transcripts.

Each new emerging technology can provide new opportunities, and it is important to have an experienced team to make all of these new tools work for today’s traveling attorney. Court reporting firms can help provide innovative solutions to any challenge and can help recognize new ways to bring their experience to your casework.