Paperless Documents – Why?

Paperless Documents Why?

Paper can present a daunting obstacle for workers.

by Michelle Cady-Cook, Director of Marketing, Cady Reporting Services

Imagine: A paperless office…While there are very few offices in the world that are truly paperless, there are steps that law firms and you personally can take towards having a paperless (or maybe a less-paper) office. In the words of Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

What do paperless office procedures do for you?

  • Increase your efficiency.

How much time have you spent searching for that paper that you “know is here somewhere”? It is much easier to organize your files electronically. You can cross-index individual files so they can be a part of multiple cases. You can also organize and reorganize files whenever and however you would like.

  • Save money on your storage costs.

As we accumulate more and more paper we also increase storage costs. If we have our documents stored electronically, not only will we reduce storage needs and costs, but it will be easier and cheaper to transmit our files to anyone else who may need them. Not only is it cheaper to store files electronically, but you can sleep better at night knowing that your documents are protected against fires, flood and other types of loss by having your files safely backed up in several locations.

  • Scanned files are portable.

One of the challenges that busy paralegals, secretaries and attorneys face is the fact that there are only so many hours in a day. One benefit of going paperless is the ability to work no matter where you are. If there is a large case with many documents, it can be very cumbersome to deal with. If your files were stored on a DepoLaunch* CD, it would be easy whenever you had a few minutes, to just pop it in and work no matter where you were. (And with DepoLaunch you can even have the video file with you as well.)

  • Easier collaboration

Whether you work in a small or large firm, electronic files can make it easier to collaborate. Sending files back and forth via email or posting shared files on a local server negates the need for sharing paper copies and all of the hassle of keeping track of files and making sure all copies are complete and updated.


  • Utilize search capabilities.

When you have all your files stored electronically, you can utilize the
impressive power of desktop search software. Using this software (which will index all your files), you can locate relevant information. Desktop search software will search the text of your files so you can find arguments made by your attorney in earlier briefs and motions, and you can go right to the relevant spot in a long file. Just imagine if you have 500 pages of medical records in a case and you are looking for a specific entry. I’m sure you would agree that searching a file is much easier than searching through 500 pieces of paper.

  • Save the planet.

By going the paperless route, you can reduce paper consumption, thereby saving trees and reducing pollutants to our environment. As an additional benefit, you also reduce your costs by ordering less paper.

  • Scanned documents can make your clients happier.

When the client calls and needs information from a specific document, you can find it right away instead of hanging up and getting back to them within the next week. If you have a searchable document, you will be less likely to miss key points. Your greater efficiency and accuracy will make clients happy, which makes the boss happy, which make you an indispensable assistant.

It is 2014. What a great time to allow technology to make your life easier.

*Depolaunch is a self-running CD/DVD which stores your deposition transcript, exhibits and video. It is a proprietary product of the NNRC. Cady Reporting is the Cleveland affiliate of the NNRC.

Cleveland Court Reporting Services

Cleveland Court Reporting Services

Cleveland court reporters can be a powerful asset.

For attorneys working in Cleveland, there are fewer assets more critical than the work of Cleveland court reporting companies. They can provide the experience and technological savvy to help attorneys accomplish their goals and better serve their clients with greater speed, economy, and efficiency.

One of the ways that Cleveland court reporters are accomplishing this is by staying ahead of new technologies that can enhance the work of the law firm. Over the last several years, several new tools have become available that allows law firms to take advantage of broadcast quality video that almost gives them the power to be in two places at once.

Using video conferencing coupled with video depositions and high quality video and audio, an attorney can work on a deposition in Cleveland from anywhere via an electronic, live hookup. When attorneys feel the need to work in person here, support personnel can view a live deposition via the hookup and even communicate with counsel over a secure chat hookup.

Cleveland attorneys who can accomplish their depositions in person also have several reasons to choose experienced court reporters. Trial presentations have become more sophisticated, and for better or worse more trials on television means more exposure to the courtroom for potential jurors who have grown to have an expectation of new technology and multimedia presentations.

Choosing the right court reporting firm can be a crucial detail that makes a difference in how cases are approached during pretrial and how they are presented to juries. Choosing a firm that can craft innovative solutions for each challenge can be a key to success.

NNRC Can be a New Resource for Law Practices

NNRC Can be a New Resource for Law Practices

NNRC can be a way for law firms to increase their efficiency.

As law practices handle the demands of heavy caseloads and demanding schedules, it is more important than ever before for firms to have the ability to work on several cases in several places at once. Court reporting companies affiliated with the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) can help law firms extend their capabilities.

By saving the time and expense associated with travel, law firms can concentrate their efforts on case preparation and serving their clients, creating an environment where success in the courtroom becomes a reality.

Using new technologies like document storage and indexed transcripts, legal teams can spend less time finding the information they need and instead spend that time applying information to case preparation.

Almost anywhere in the country, law firms can find court reporters that meet NNRC’s rigorous standards for court reporting firms. These firms can provide all of the services necessary to help keep the legal professional ahead of new technology that can revolutionize their practices from preparation to presentation.

NNRC is an important resource for law firms that are meeting the demands of today’s legal environment. Using new technology has helped other industries increase efficiency and save money, and it is having the same effect in the legal field.

Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing

TIps to Improve YourOnline Marketing

Cleveland court reporters should be mindful of their online presence.

From Michelle Cady-Cook, Cady Reporting Services, Cleveland, OH

The old saying goes, “you are either growing for you’re dying.”  One of the only ways to grow your Cleveland court reporter business is to focus on your marketing strategy.  In this economy, it’s imperative that your business gets noticed.

There is no one way to do things when it comes to marketing, and the only wrong way is to do nothing at all.  Some have large budgets and others work on a shoestring.  Regardless of what type of business you have, you can tap into and apply some very practical strategies that will work for your business.  Here are three areas that can make a big difference:

  •            Ÿ Increased visibility in your community
  •            Ÿ Online presence
  •            Ÿ Great customer service and contact to build deep customer relationships

When you are looking to grow your business, make friends!  Connecting with people in a positive way shows them “you” and from there they are able to understand what your business is driven by.  So join local organizations where you can network with people and build relationships.  From here, you can tap valuable resources and become a resource yourself.  Interview others when you find that they have information helpful to you.  People are honored when you ask about their opinions and experiences.  Tape the interview, give them a copy and post it on your various sites.  When you in turn become a resource to others, it lets people know that you’re an expert in your field.  This makes you a trusted and valuable resource.  Your network will increase in quality and quantity.

Analyze your internet presence.  The internet is the place most people look for information about businesses.  How is your website placed on sites like Google and Bing?  Are you actively using social media sites? Being active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is important, and will only get more so as time goes on.

Many people do not see the immediate benefits or ROI of social media and then choose not to participate.  However, there are many reasons to do so.  Social media makes it more possible to connect with customers. Logging onto these sites has become daily routine for most people.  Be visible where the people are.  You can be in front of your existing and potential customers every day for free!

When you post interesting, informative and helpful content you grow respect and form better connections with customers.  You may not always be able to see the exact like-to-loyal-customer trail on sites like Facebook, but not having a social media presence may cause customers (and especially potential customers) to question why you don’t have one.  Lack of presence may cause people to ask questions or have thoughts such as, “are they trying to hide something?” or “they must not be very cutting edge.”

Social media sites help your company to be transparent, and therefore likeable.  Not only can you market your company, but you can also see what makes your competition tick.  What are they posting? What is getting them likes?  Keeping track of competitors, and also your clients’ activities is very valuable.  Of course, as with everything, as an owner you must establish common-sense rules for yourself and employees using social networking and discussion sites, and always be positive and helpful on them.


Once you follow your plan and achieve your goals of more customers, keeping them is important.  Building deep relationships with customers will keep them coming back.  They should be made to feel important and appreciated.  Always treat customers as individuals by using their name and sincerely caring about their needs because people value that in a company.  Ask yourself, “How can I make my customers feel good about doing business here?”  Thank your customers every chance you get.  Hand-written notes tell people that you took time to sit down and think about them for a few minutes out of your day.  If one of your customers has a need that your company does not normally fulfill, remember the power of the word, “yes”.  When you can go a little bit out of your way to help them, doing business with you becomes easy, and people always want to return to people who are easy to work with.


One of the most important points is to not let yourself be your own obstacle to great marketing.  The future of the company lies in your hands.  There is never a good reason to not do at least some of these things.  It is like brushing your teeth, or exercising.  We make time for these things because they are essential for the health of our bodies.  Marketing activities are essential for the health of our companies.  Keep focused on your marketing strategies and work toward your goals a little bit at a time, and you will watch your business grow.