Charleston Court Reporters Provide New Solutions to Today’s Law Firms

Charleston Court Reporters Provide New Solutions to Today’s Law Firms

Building partnerships with today’s court reporters can be a key component to law firm success.

In today’s legal field, new technology can play an important role. Vast amounts of information for cases and media-savvy jurors mean that it is important to develop a relationship with Charleston court reporters that can assist in bringing new elements together to better serve attorneys and their clients.

Technology like videoconferencing, document storage, indexing, and other tools can all help today’s attorneys work more efficiently. South Carolina court reporters can help lawyers bridge distances to avoid travel and manage information in new ways to save time.

Each new technology that emerges requires the knowhow of professional court reporting firms that know how to best apply new technology to cases. They can provide innovative solutions to the challenges in working in a multimedia world while also offering the same reliable court reporting and transcription services that are the backbone of the court reporting industry.

Choosing the right court reporter can make a difference in how legal professionals perform for their clients. With so much information from diverse sources finding its way into today’s cases, it is important to develop a partnership with a team that can help both in South Carolina and wherever today’s legal work takes the attorney. Through the National Network of Reporting Companies, law firms can expand their reach and enjoy greater success.

NNRC Enjoys Successful Meeting in Charleston, SC

NNRC Enjoys Successful Meeting in Charleston, SC

Beautiful Charleston, SC was the site of the most recent meeting of NNRC members.

In early June, the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) met in Charleston, SC for its nine month meeting. The major themes included firmly establishing the NNRC brand and core values as well as determining the best methods to get this message to our clients.

NNRC is a group designed to provide worldwide coverage for court reporting, legal video services, and videoconferencing. Unlike any other national court reporting network, the NNRC offers the service and trust of an independent firm with the coverage of a worldwide network.

The NNRC meets every nine months to share best practices, learn and invest in the newest technologies, and build a strong community among its members, ultimately ensuring the best experience and product offerings for those we serve.

“It is always the goal of the NNRC partners to educate and avail ourselves of the latest in litigation technology, so there were also several new pieces of technology announced, discussed, and offered,” said Bob Gramann of Gramann Reporting in Milwaukee.

Deals by our vendor partners were discussed and bolstered. The website is getting some strategic help to promote our brand message and ensure members and clients alike have a positive association and experience with our web channels.

The value of our partnership was re-examined and fortified, but after the serious business was handled, there was time left to enjoy the trip.

The hosts, Charleston court reporters at the A. William Roberts Reporting firm, showcased their beautifully historic and entertaining city. Their hospitality was exceptional and included a an evening at the Charleston Yacht Club, a carriage ride through Historic Charleston, and a tour and dinner in the Old Exchange Building.

NNRC wants to thank all of our members who came and the groups that helped to make our visit to one of America’s great cities a productive meeting and a memorable experience.

Charleston Court Reporters Provide Professional Support to Attorneys

Charleston Court Reporters Provide Professional Support to Attorneys

Charleston court reporters provide important support to attorneys.

In South Carolina, lawyers know that their cases depend on preparation and the right team to help them complete their preparation for cases in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. Charleston court reporters have long held a reputation as being able to provide the technical support and the important services to make cases more successful for attorneys and clients.

Attorneys in both North and South Carolina know that their videoconferencing needs are met in Charleston, Greenville, Columbia, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and Charlotte. Lawyers can also take advantage of technology that allows them to watch proceedings over the internet, where they can receive rough drafts of transcripts right after proceedings that allow them to mark up and reference key pieces of testimony.

Outside of the Palmetto State, lawyers can schedule conference rooms for their remote deposition needs, giving them a way to link up and get the information they need while remaining close to their clients and practices.

Charleston court reporting companies also provide the type of trial support that is important in front of juries. Creating databases with exhibits, transcripts, and videotaped depositions can help lawyers have every tool they need to work their cases.

With the ability to schedule 24 hours a day, lawyers now have a way to take advantage of South Carolina’s most competent court reporting firm.