Portland Court Reporters

Portland Court Reporters

New technology can be a powerful asset in Portland.

Legal professionals are taking advantage of the services offered by Portland court reporters. Through the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), legal professionals around the country can schedule depositions with these highly qualified firms.

Providing all of the important technical tools, Oregon court reporters can help legal professionals through their depositions with innovative solutions to meet any challenge. Internet connectivity has opened new doors t legal professionals, and it has also meant managing far more information.

Court reporting firms can also help attorneys by utilizing video technology to accommodate video conferencing and depositions. This is allowing law firms to work more efficiently by eliminating travel and time lost working on the road. However, when cases do take attorneys on the road, our fully equipped conference rooms can be a fully functional workplace for our visiting legal professionals. These conference facilities have internet access, video capability, and other tools that give the attorney all of the comforts of working in their own practice.

For local attorneys and those who visit the area from across the country, we can be your asset to the challenges of your work. We can help provide the litigation support and other tools that allow you to focus on your cases and your clients while we facilitate your work. This means that law firms can expand their reach both through new technology and through more effective travel. It also means that law firms can better serve their clients.

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