NNRC Member Firms Meet Rigorous Standards

NNRC Member Firms Meet Rigorous Standards

Technology and professionalism are both available through NNRC.

Working inside their own communities, law firms have a good idea of which court reporting companies they can trust with their litigation support and deposition work. Many law firms have long-standing relationships with court reporters, and time and time again they will work with a firm that has provided them with the results they need in the past.

Bu what happens when law firms have to reach outside of their local area? In today’s increasingly interconnected world, more and more case require work outside of the law firm’s community, and in some case hundreds of miles away. Traveling and conducting depositions is always an option, and it is one that some law firms choose because they are not familiar with court reporting firms in the markets where they need to work.

Choosing the National Network of Reporting Companies can help lawyers work with confidence outside of their communities. NNRC works with firms that meet the highest professional standards and have a history of providing a range of quality services to their law firm clients.

When lawyers work with NNRC member companies in their own communities, they can also work with these firms to schedule work anywhere in the country and even in Canada or Europe. IT allows the law firm to extend its reach by taking advantage of new technology to operate more efficiently and economically.

NNRC can provide law firms with the types of services and professional reliability that can help law firms anywhere in the country better prepare their cases and conduct the work the need to satisfy their clients.

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