New York Court Reporters Help Provide Efficiency in Law Firms

New York Court Reporters Help Provide Efficiency in Law Firms

Crowded courthouse schedules are placing new demands on law firms.

In New York, law firms need every new technology available to stay ahead. Emerging technologies are making a difference by allowing firms to operate more efficiently as they prepare their cases for their clients.

New York court reporters can help law firms in their efforts by providing a number of web-based technologies that take advantage of the connectivity of the web for legal video and other litigation support.

Web-transmitted legal videos have revolutionized how many cases are prepared. For years, a transcript was often all that a legal professional had to review a deposition taken far away without traveling to the site. Now, these proceedings can be viewed, allowing for new ways to evaluate the truthfulness of witnesses. Seeing a face and hearing a voice can be powerful tools.

For the attorney conducting the deposition, this same connectivity creates the opportunity to stay connected to support teams through password-protected chat capability.  It gives the lawyer a way to take advantage of the skilled people who are the backbone of the legal practice from anywhere in the country.

Word-indexed transcripts have also become important to legal professionals. Long hours could be spent pouring over transcripts looking for relevant bits of testimony. Now, indexing allows the legal professional to quickly find the information that can help to build a case.

These technologies are making a difference in legal practices around the country. Adding them to New York law practices can help to enhance the efficiency of practices around the Empire State.

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