New Technology from Birmingham Court Reporters


New Technology from Birmingham Court Reporters

New technology from Birmingham court reporters gives attorneys new tools in their casework.

Birmingham court reporters are prepared to bring new technology to legal professionals that enable them to work with greater efficiency. This new technology can help eliminate some travel, make necessary travel more productive, and connect lawyers and their cases in new ways.

Connectivity is one of the cornerstones of the new innovations that Alabama court reporters can bring to law practices. It is the engine behind videoconferencing and the streaming of video, audio, and data that can change the way the attorney approaches his or her cases.

Lawyers can now work with co-counsel over secure, broadcast connections and enhance collaborative work. Legal professionals can also work on shared documents, photos, videos, and graphics that are shared online in password protected portals.

This same technology can be applied when the attorney must depose a witness. Remote depositions that use videoconferencing can help eliminate some travel, and realtime reporting is another key element of this technology. From the mouth of the deponent to the reporter’s equipment to the lawyer’s laptop or tablet, testimony moves at the speed of light. This gives the legal professional an unprecedented level of immediacy to their work.

More legal professionals are seeing how the innovations provided by today’s court reporters can be a way to enhance the dogged work of attorneys on behalf of their clients. This new technology can enhance the firm’s work and bring cases into the 21st century.

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