Having Family Build Your Conference Room Furniture

Having Family Build Your Conference Room Furniture

New conference room furniture at Carol Nygard & Associates Deposition Reporters

Operating a deposition reporting firm requires a great deal of infrastructure in order to create the best possible experience for clients. While the most important part of what we do involves creating an easily accessible and accurate transcript of proceedings, client comfort and aesthetics are also very important to us.

We recently opened a new office in Walnut Creek, California and decided that we would like custom-built conference tables to match the sea and scuba diving décor throughout the office. After finding out that custom conference room tables like the ones we wanted would cost tens of thousands of dollars each, we found another solution: an employee who also happens to be family.

We enlisted the assistance of John Nygard, who happens to be both handy and creative. Exploiting family labor in projects like these is a real money-saver if you are lucky enough to have a family member willing and able to take on this type of project. A table that would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars can instead be created for the cost of supplies and the long list of future favors you may owe the family member doing the labor.

Of course, there are potential hazards to having a non-professional creating your conference tables. The first frame for our first table was too large to fit in the elevator or up the stairs of our office building. Then while waiting to try to break it down in the parking lot to be moved upstairs, a woman ran over it with her car and ruined it. A different table with a concrete top required additional painting and polishing the night before our big opening. John stayed up until 6 am to have it ready in time for our first deposition in that room. What happened after that? The deposition cancelled.

In the end, building our own custom conference room tables allowed us to create the office we wanted. Our clients love the tables and ask about how we did it. You too can do it if you have an idea and a handy relative who also happens to be an employee. Now our biggest worry is that he’s going to start moonlighting as a builder of custom conference room tables.

Scott Nygard
Carol Nygard & Associates Deposition Reporters

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