Washington DC Court Reporters

Washington DC Court Reporters

Court reporters are providing valuable services in Washington DC.

Washington DC court reporters are the important link that brings law firms together with new technology that is changing the way legal professionals work on their cases. They are providing a number of new services that go far beyond their traditional role as skillful recorders of the public record— they are now helping law firms in many facets of their cases from the investigative phase through trial.

New technology that is giving attorneys more freedom to choose how they approach their cases is making a difference in law firms of all sizes. Video depositions combined with video conferencing and real time reporting allow today’s attorney to do some of their work remotely, eliminating the time and expense of travel.

Washington DC court reporting companies also help the attorney who chooses to travel. Online repositories make all information portable, giving lawyers a way to access media online through password-protected portals. Through organizations like the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), lawyers can also schedule work in a visiting city, and can also schedule a place to do it by taking advantage of fully-equipped conference rooms provided by many firms.

Each day, lawyers around the country are using new and compelling presentations in the courtroom that are having an impact on juries. Many court reporting firms can provide assistance in creating these powerful presentations including video and graphics. They can also provide technical assistance for the attorney uses these presentations in court.

Today’s court reporters are going far beyond their traditional role and taking a new place in the legal profession. They are becoming facilitators of new ways to bring information into the legal field and manage it to maximum effect.