Phoenix Court Reporting Companies

Phoenix Court Reporting Companies

Phoenix court reporters provide important services to today’s attorneys.

Phoenix court reporters have been providing court reporting services to the Phoenix legal community for more than 30 years, bringing technology realtime court reporting, e-transcript, DepoView and YesVideo.

Through the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC), Phoenix court reporting companies can help arrange out-of-town depositions for local clients and conduct important services for visiting legal professionals. Whether they are visiting in person or working remotely, attorneys from around the country can enjoy the highest quality of service when working in our community.

For attorneys who need access to facilities, videoconference rooms are located just a few minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport and can accommodate up to 12 people. This means that these conference rooms can be a destination for attorneys working in the area from anywhere in the country.

Litigation support can provide attorneys with several ways to utilize media including videotaped depositions, medical examinations, inspections and other video services. Real time reporting is also a possibility to allow legal professionals to add immediacy to their work, and this can also be provided to attorneys who want to work in Phoenix remotely.

When law firms require court reporting, video depositions, video conferencing, conference rooms, or any other deposition related service in the Phoenix area, Phoenix court reporting companies can provide the services to make legal work go more smoothly.