Understanding the Technology and Skill Used in Real Time Reporting

Understanding the Technology and Skill Used in Real Time ReportingProviding accurate transcripts has always been an important part of the justice system. Today, the ability to provide accurate transcripts of court proceedings is made easier by technological advances. There are St. Louis court reporters who are capable of providing court rooms with real time reporting.

This means that the stenographic notes taken by Missouri court reporters can instantly be converted into English text. This is possible because court reporters use steno machines that are completely computerized. The sophisticated software that they use provides a translation of stenographic symbols into a digital format, making it easy to have a complete transcript within minutes of the time that the proceedings are adjourned.

The software that court reporters use to provide real time reporting is constantly being updated. The translation dictionaries need to be able to translate millions of different names, places, and events correctly. They also need to correctly translate homophones such as their, and there.

In addition to needing the best available real time technology, court reporters also need to be skilled at taking down testimony very quickly. On average, stenographers take down testimony at about 180 words per minute. To be a certified real time writer, they must be able to write at least 225 words per minute. Once these testimonies have been written down, and translated by the software, judges and attorneys can receive computerized transcripts very quickly.  Computerized transcripts are instrumental in helping the judge review what has been said, and reach a verdict.


St. Louis Court Reporters and Today’s Legal Professionals

St. Louis Court Reporters

St. Louis court reporters can help elevate the work of legal professionals.

St. Louis court reporters are paving the way for today’s attorneys with a variety of new tools that are allowing them to better serve their clients. Many of these tools are a far cry from the days when court reporting companies primarily were the keepers of the legal record.

Technology in the field has evolved rapidly, and today’s court reporting firms are staying ahead of new innovations so that they can bring them to legal professionals with confidence and experience.

Legal video is playing a larger role than ever before, and legal videographers can help create new ways to bring your arguments to juries. Day-in-the-life videos and other courtroom presentations can be powerful ways to reach even the most skeptical jurors, and there are other ways to incorporate graphics into immersive courtroom presentations.

Video can also be used to bring attorneys to their cases in new ways. Video conferencing can allow attorneys to work across the country or even participate in a deposition over a secure, broadcast-quality connection. Using this technology alongside realtime reporting and today’s attorney has an economical way to beat back the burdens of travel that can take lawyers away from their cases and their clients.

Choosing Missouri court reporters who can be a partner with law firms is now a critical key to the success of many cases. These talented court reporting professionals can bring new ideas and creativity to casework to help lawyers better manage information in the information age.