Baltimore Court Reporters

Baltimore Court Reporters

Baltimore court reporters are evolving with new technology.

Baltimore court reporters are evolving with new technology. Years ago, they were the keepers of the legal record, providing accurate and timely transcripts to legal professionals.

Now, these skilled court reporting professionals have become even more important to the legal community by providing innovative solutions to meet the challenges of working in the legal arena in the 21st century.

By providing the latest in technology, Maryland court reporters have become partners with lawyers as they work on their cases. They help by providing ways to utilize video and connectivity in ways that can help legal teams work more efficiently and more economically.

Connectivity allows the attorney to virtually be in two places at once. A deposition in Virginia can now be scheduled right behind a meeting in Baltimore with remote technology. A lawyer can depose a witness over a secure, broadcast-quality connection that can give the legal professional multi-dimensional way to assess the truthfulness of a deponent. Realtime reporting can also bring another way for attorneys to get the information they need in a timely manner. Rough transcripts can be streamed to a laptop as the words are uttered in any legal setting.

Video can also be used to help jurors better grasp concepts in a trial. Courtroom presentations can be used to deliver arguments in new and illustrative ways. These immersive presentations can come with the help of experienced legal videographers who can help create and craft images that appeal to a more media-centric jury pool.

New technology is important in today’s legal professional. Court reporting firms in Maryland can help lawyers achieve more for their clients with new ways to manage and deliver information.