Court Reporting Companies in Florida


Court Reporting Companies in Florida

Florida court reporting companies can help bring technology to law firms.

Court reporting companies in Florida supply court reporters that have the ability to provide transcription services for a variety of needs. A reputable company will realize that no two cases are exactly alike and to provide the best experience for an assortment of litigation. Not only will they offer all services from transcription to stenography and from litigation support to video services, but they will make sure that their reporters have experience with and are well versed in each of them.


Depositions are sworn statements and today they can be transferred to a live streaming service via a court reporter who knows how to work with real time reporting. This allows for attorneys to be at a deposition from another location as they will attend remotely through their laptops using video and audio feed. Plus, they will receive an electronic transcript shortly after the deposition is over.

Litigation Support

Preparing for a trial requires multiple documents that will need to be stored, transmitted, and reviewed. A court reporting company will be able to handle this efficiently. They will be able to queue documents, exhibits, and transcripts for trial.  Storing all of this information in their hard drives will allow you to access it from anywhere in the world.

Video Services

Transcripts are effective, but they do not show the emotions of someone giving a deposition. Video services will allow lawyers to see the person giving the testimony. Court reporting companies can store this video data and make it available to the person requiring it over the internet, on a DVD, or in a condensed digital format.

Court Reporters

Modern technology is impressive; however, a court reporting company will also offer transcription services, stenography, and real-time transcription. The reporter is still the one who makes the record. Certified Miami court reporters will make sure that the transcriptions are accurate. They will be competent and reliable and certified by the National Court Reporters Association.