No Court Reporter? Really?

No Court Reporter Really

NNRC can provide reporting support when your legal work takes you anywhere.

by Tom Richardson, President, Stewart Richardson Deposition Services

Litigation is time consuming, complicated, and filled with deadlines. The last thing you need to worry about when taking a deposition is the court reporter. You’ve prepped for your deposition, kissed your spouse goodbye, and jumped on a plane to another city. You’ve arrived at the deposition location, pulled everything you need out of your briefcase, grabbed your fourth cup of coffee, and are ready to engage.

You look around the room and start to wonder, “Where’s the reporter? Did my staff forget to schedule someone to cover the job? The expert witness is charging me by the hour, and my client isn’t going to be happy about paying them to sit there idly.” Probably never happened to you, but it does happen. That’s why the National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC ) is so valuable.

One short call to your local NNRC member firm, and the wheels begin to turn. Need a location? No problem.   What about a hotel recommendation? Done. Restaurant choices? Here’s the list. But most importantly, the NNRC delivers. Every time.

NNRC members are reliable and exceptionally capable. Unique circumstances are our specialty. Count on us to come through when you need us most. We won’t leave you stranded. Call 866-337-6672 for more information. Or visit to discover the difference NNRC members provide.

With over three decades of experience, Tom Richardson is noted as Indiana’s leading expert in court reporting innovation, service and technology. Under his leadership, Stewart Richardson has grown to be Indiana’s premier deposition firm, with a corporate commitment to integrity and exceeding client needs. Contact Indianapolis court reporters at Stewart Richardson for more information about how they can enhance your legal work


Working with Today’s Top New York Court Reporters

When people seek the very latest in technical tools to enhance their casework, they turn to New York City court reporters. They can provide all of the innovative ideas and the very latest in connectivity and other tools to help lawyers work more effectively through each phase of their cases.

Working with Today’s Top New York Court Reporters

In New York, partnerships with top court reporting firms are crucial.

When lawyers work on many of today’s complex cases, they need to be able to maximize their time. New York state court reporters can help lawyers better utilize their talents through tools like videoconferencing, realtime reporting, indexing, and online repositories.

When lawyers visit the area, they need solid support for their work. These companies can provide conference rooms and all of the professional services that lawyers come to expect when they must work on the road. Lawyers can stay in touch with their legal teams at their practices while they accomplish their objectives so that they can return to their practices and their cases.

Over the years, these court reporters have developed a reputation as the providers of accurate and timely transcripts and other materials. Now, they have evolved to partner with law firms throughout their case work, from investigation and case preparation all the way through presentation in the courtroom.

Summit Court Reporting Indispensable in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Summit Court Reporting Indispensable in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Summit Court Reporting is an important asset for today’s law firms.

More and more lawyers are taking on cases that present new challenges. These lawyers are working to enhance the way they work by partnering with top Philadelphia court reporters, and Summit Court Reporting is the leader in providing the services necessary for today’s legal work.

Summit provides all of the important services that today’s attorneys need throughout all phases of their casework. Indexing, online repositories, and courtroom presentation can all help lawyers make an impact in different ways.

For attorneys who need to expand their reach and eliminate the time and expense of travel, New Jersey court reporting firms can also provide videoconferencing that can be applied to many arras of legal work. Attorneys can consult with co-counsel or even depose a witness over a secure connection.

Summit has worked over the years to meet the changing needs of attorneys in an evolving legal field. The firm has worked to bring new and innovative technologies to legal work that allow the lawyer to better utilize their time and talents.

Summit Reporting also provides all of the accurate transcription and other services that are crucial to legal work every day. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, these professionals are the leaders in helping lawyers serve their clients more effectively.

Having Family Build Your Conference Room Furniture

Having Family Build Your Conference Room Furniture

New conference room furniture at Carol Nygard & Associates Deposition Reporters

Operating a deposition reporting firm requires a great deal of infrastructure in order to create the best possible experience for clients. While the most important part of what we do involves creating an easily accessible and accurate transcript of proceedings, client comfort and aesthetics are also very important to us.

We recently opened a new office in Walnut Creek, California and decided that we would like custom-built conference tables to match the sea and scuba diving décor throughout the office. After finding out that custom conference room tables like the ones we wanted would cost tens of thousands of dollars each, we found another solution: an employee who also happens to be family.

We enlisted the assistance of John Nygard, who happens to be both handy and creative. Exploiting family labor in projects like these is a real money-saver if you are lucky enough to have a family member willing and able to take on this type of project. A table that would normally cost tens of thousands of dollars can instead be created for the cost of supplies and the long list of future favors you may owe the family member doing the labor.

Of course, there are potential hazards to having a non-professional creating your conference tables. The first frame for our first table was too large to fit in the elevator or up the stairs of our office building. Then while waiting to try to break it down in the parking lot to be moved upstairs, a woman ran over it with her car and ruined it. A different table with a concrete top required additional painting and polishing the night before our big opening. John stayed up until 6 am to have it ready in time for our first deposition in that room. What happened after that? The deposition cancelled.

In the end, building our own custom conference room tables allowed us to create the office we wanted. Our clients love the tables and ask about how we did it. You too can do it if you have an idea and a handy relative who also happens to be an employee. Now our biggest worry is that he’s going to start moonlighting as a builder of custom conference room tables.

Scott Nygard
Carol Nygard & Associates Deposition Reporters