The Silent Reporter

The Silent Reporter

Court reporters can handle the important legal work your cases need.

Court reporters are a vital resource in the legal world, assisting everyone present with their diligent work. In a situation where someone’s well being may be on the line, accurate records are extremely useful. This is what makes the Pittsburgh court reporters’ job of keeping word for word transcripts of legal proceedings like depositions and trials so important. As well as providing transcripts as reference materials for later use, these services are also handy in providing real time subtitles and descriptions for those with hearing difficulties. This ensures that the proceedings will be as clear as possible to all present.

Despite the name, these reporters don’t always work in courts. They may also provide the aforementioned captioning services for anything from public events to classrooms. Technological advancements have allowed this field to come a long way, and many in captioning services can even work from home, broadcasting their subtitles. However, the most important piece of technology in court reporting is the stenograph machine. With their transcription and translation power, court reporters are now even more valuable.

When accurate detail is key, newer and faster technology can be a great resource. Not only does it allow every detail to be recorded, it can provide transcript access to anyone who needs it. With their expert training and specialized knowledge, a court reporter helps everyone in the room. Leave no space for doubt when someone’s future is at stake and take advantage of all tools available from Pennsylvania court reporters.

Charleston Court Reporters Provide New Solutions to Today’s Law Firms

Charleston Court Reporters Provide New Solutions to Today’s Law Firms

Building partnerships with today’s court reporters can be a key component to law firm success.

In today’s legal field, new technology can play an important role. Vast amounts of information for cases and media-savvy jurors mean that it is important to develop a relationship with Charleston court reporters that can assist in bringing new elements together to better serve attorneys and their clients.

Technology like videoconferencing, document storage, indexing, and other tools can all help today’s attorneys work more efficiently. South Carolina court reporters can help lawyers bridge distances to avoid travel and manage information in new ways to save time.

Each new technology that emerges requires the knowhow of professional court reporting firms that know how to best apply new technology to cases. They can provide innovative solutions to the challenges in working in a multimedia world while also offering the same reliable court reporting and transcription services that are the backbone of the court reporting industry.

Choosing the right court reporter can make a difference in how legal professionals perform for their clients. With so much information from diverse sources finding its way into today’s cases, it is important to develop a partnership with a team that can help both in South Carolina and wherever today’s legal work takes the attorney. Through the National Network of Reporting Companies, law firms can expand their reach and enjoy greater success.

What is the difference between Videoconferencing and Skype?

What is the Difference Between Videoconferencing and Skype?

There is a vast divide in the quality between Skype and a dedicated videoconferencing connection.

By Jerry Coash, General Manager of Coash and Coash Phoenix Deposition Reporters in Phoenix, AZ
As an attorney, it is important to be efficient with your time and money. With the ever-increasing cost and hassle of travel, a great way to save time and money is by using videoconferencing to conduct out-of-town depositions, attend meetings, and even bring witnesses into the courtroom who otherwise would not be able to appear. In the past several years, we have seen an increasing demand for videoconferencing, and often clients come to Arizona court reporters wondering if they can just use Skype for their deposition. I will try to answer that question in this blog.
Skype is great. My family uses Skype on a daily basis to connect with family around the country. It is free, easy to use, and is an all-around user-friendly experience. It is reasonable, then, for you to think, “Why not use Skype for my deposition?” In fact, many attorneys have done just that. Well, I’m here to tell you that Skype is the wrong tool for the job.
“But,” you say, “Skype is free!” True, there are several free consumer videoconferencing options to choose from, including Skype, but have you ever wondered who you would call when you have technical problems in the middle of a deposition? It is one thing for a video feed to cut off in the middle of a conversation between loved ones, or the audio to be a bit unclear, but it is another thing entirely to have technical problems in the middle of an important event such as a deposition or, even worse, trial testimony.
To illustrate, I offer you a recent real-life example from the trial of George Zimmerman. Watch the video here. If they sought professional assistance with their videoconference, this awkward moment in this extremely high-profile case could have been avoided.
Here are several areas in which professional videoconferencing stands above consumer tools such as Skype:
Arranging a video connection for a deposition or trial testimony can be a hassle. One of the reasons attorneys choose videoconferencing is to avoid the hassle and time of travel, so adding inconvenience back in to the mix really doesn’t make sense. When you choose Coash & Coash to take care of the videoconference for you, we do all the leg work of finding rooms, shipping equipment, testing connections, and every other little thing that needs taken care of. At the end of the day, you can rest assured that everything will be in place so that you can simply walk in and focus on what you do best.
The fact is, consumer tools like Skype are not as reliable as professional videoconferencing. What may work great one day may fail you on the next day. At Coash & Coash we use proven professional videoconferencing equipment and connections which we use day in and day out, providing attorneys with a consistent, dependable experience.
Technical Support
No technology is perfect. At some point we all run into technical difficulties, especially when using consumer products such as Skype. When using Coash & Coash you can count on our experienced, knowledgable technicians to quickly resolve problems as they arise. As they say, hope for the best, plan for the worst. Don’t leave your videoconference to chance. Put it in professional hands.
Audio quality
When you are making a record, the quality of your audio is extremely important. Everyone needs to be able to understand one another, and most importantly, the court reporter has to be able to make an accurate record. Skype and other consumer products have inconsistent audio quality. Add to that fact that you have no idea what equipment the other side of the call will be using for their Skype. Will the volume and clarity be sufficient? Your guess is as good as mine.
As you saw in the Zimmerman trial example, having a secure connection is important. The fact of the matter is, Skype is a tool for the consumer. It is meant to connect as many people as possible to one another. That’s not what you want for your deposition or trial testimony. You want only the people you choose to have the ability to participate. Phoenix court reporters at Coash & Coash use only private and secure connections for your videoconference.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully I have been able to make the case for professional videoconferencing over the use of Skype for your depositions and remote trial testimony. At Coash & Coash we pride ourselves in being able to connect you to your event in nearly any situation. Whether it be from your cell phone, tablet, personal computer, or in a conference room, we can make it happen. For more information on videoconferencing, contact Coash & Coash today.

Richmond Court Reporters and New Technology

Richmond Court Reporters and New Technology

Court reporting in Richmond has evolved to meet new demands.

For years, attorneys relied on the on-paper transcripts of important depositions to help prepare cases for their clients. While the paper provided an accurate record of what was said, in some cases questions could get overlooked or in-person reactions to questions could not be translated into the written word.

Richmond court reporters can offer attorneys around the country a way to step inside negotiations, depositions, and other important legal events to get a more intimate view of proceedings. Through new technology, lawyers from around the country can be connected with witnesses here with live legal video.

Virginia court reporters can give attorneys a way to not only watch video as it happens, but also a way to interact with counsel in the conference room or courtroom. Live chat capability gives lawyers another tool to get the information they need to work for their clients.

Additionally, court reporting firms can provide accurate transcripts that give lawyers a way to closely examine accurate records of important questions and answers between attorneys and witnesses.

Finding a court reporting firm that can meet the demands of today’s challenging legal environment can be a step towards greater efficiency and effectiveness for the law firm. Through innovation, new technology, and unmatched professionalism today’s court reporting companies have become powerful allies for today’s legal professionals.

Hartford Court Reporters Bring Attorneys to Cases through Technology

Hartford Court Reporters Bring Attorneys to Cases through Technology

New Technology can be a cornerstone of your casework.

For as long as the legal profession has existed in this country, attorneys have known the importance of being able to see a person as they are being interviewed or while they are participating in legal proceedings. Body language can be a powerful way to communicate, and it gets lost in a transcript. Hartford court reporters help attorneys around the country step into negotiations, arbitrations, and depositions in Connecticut through secure video hookups.

Connecticut court reporters offer attorneys around the country a way to step inside the room and see how clients and other witnesses or participants in a variety of meetings react. It is a way that lawyers can sometimes get that extra bit of information they need to more effectively work for their clients inside the courtroom and in other settings where information is vital.

Court reporting firms can help attorneys connect to legal proceedings across the state and bring both realtime video and the ability to chat with attorneys in conferences to lawyers from around the country.  Additionally, lawyers can get timely transcripts delivered with the speed and accuracy that is demanded by America’s best attorneys.

In each case, professionalism is at a premium for today’s legal professionals. With experience and innovation today’s court reporters are ready to help enhance the work of law firms wherever their cases take them.

Detroit Court Reporters Can Enhance Michigan Casework

Detroit Court Reporters Can Enhance Michigan CaseworkWhen legal work brings attorneys to Detroit, they need experienced litigation support. Detroit court reporters bring their experience to each case, offering new technology an innovation to today’s legal professionals.

As connectivity has become more of a force in every profession, Michigan court reporters can be the source for attorneys who are interested in working more efficiently and better handling diverse flows of information. Video technology, streaming, and other tools can help lawyers work more efficiently each day in their case preparation and there are also technologies to enhance courtroom case presentation.

Video conferencing is a powerful tool that allows the attorney to connect with clients, co-counsel, and even deponents over a secure internet connection. For the attorney, this can mean less of a travel burden while still keeping the lawyer connected to their cases.

Realtime reporting is a powerful tool that can be used to help expedite transcripts for the attorney. As proceedings unfold, an attorney can get the data directly from the court reporter’s equipment as it happens. No more waiting on a rough transcript— and final transcripts now come faster than ever before. Realtime reporting can be used across the courtroom or across the continent depending on the needs of the attorney.

These new tools can help lawyers better serve their clients more effectively by helping them save time and money. Convenience and innovation go hand in hand when lawyers choose the right court reporting firm.

Gainesville Court Reporters

Gainesville Court Reporters

Gainesville court reporters are ready to bring new technology to casework.

Gainesville court reporters are the source for the new technology that law firms can utilize to better serve their clients in the courtroom and in other types of litigation. This group of highly trained professionals has evolved to include new technology and more services in their long list of offerings that of course features the accurate and timely court reporting that has always been the cornerstone of the court reporting industry.

As new information technologies and options for connectivity have emerged, Florida court reporters have worked to stay ahead of new trends in order to be ready to offer these new tools to today’s busy attorneys.

Regardless of whether it is local legal professionals or those who are visiting from across the state or country, these court reporting firms can provide litigation support to help meet any challenge.

Video technology, realtime reporting, online repositories, and other technical tools are available, and they also offer conference facilities and other amenities to help visiting legal professionals make the most of their travel.

When lawyers need to expand their reach or tackle the work of preparing cases in the information age, they work with court reporting companies who have long experience in finding solutions to today’s casework issues. From managing information to making sure your legal team is in an environment where they can succeed, these professionals are ready to help make legal work a success.

San Diego Court Reporters Bringing Innovation to Law Firms

San Diego Court Reporters Bring Innovation to Law Firms

In San Diego, lawyers are benefiting from the work of talented court reporters.

In California, lawyers know about the types of valuable services provided by San Diego court reporters. In addition to the accurate transcripts and other documents, these firms now provide several important technical services that are making a difference for attorneys and their clients.

Using the connectivity of the internet, attorneys can now monitor live transcripts and even live legal video. This is allowing them to connect with depositions from their practices, which is saving time that was once taken in travel.

When lawyers do travel, they are often without the team that supports them. This connectivity allows them to consult with their support teams while they are still in the practice, bringing their very best to cases even though they might not be in the room with the attorney.

Traveling lawyers also can take advantage of online document storage, which is bringing a new convenience to the legal profession. Using the internet, attorneys can access transcripts, depositions, and other important documents, eliminating the need to carry paper documents on the road.

Each of these important assets provided by California court reporters can be a part of an effort to provide better services to legal clients. More support can often mean more success for attorneys in the courtroom both for local and visiting attorneys.

Omaha Court Reporters

Omaha Court Reporters

Innovation is a part of the work of Omaha court reporters.

Technology has become an important part of the legal field. From connecting attorneys through the power of the internet to providing indexed transcripts that can be quickly accessed, Omaha court reporters are providing attorneys around Nebraska with the tools they need to more effectively represent their clients.

Using the internet, attorneys can now work remotely. Live legal video and live transcripts allow an attorney to view depositions from a laptop using a secure server. When the attorney works in person at the deposition, this connectivity allows the attorney to stay in contact with support teams that are essential to a successful legal practice.

There are other tools like realtime reporting that add an added dimension to the work of legal professionals, giving them immediacy with the materials they need. This also accelerates the production of finished legal transcripts.

Occasionally, attorneys from across the country need to conduct business in our area. Nebraska court reporters can also provide the services they need as well. These court reporting companies know what visiting attorneys need to be effective in their own courtrooms, and lawyers can have confidence in these firms when they need to work far from their own practice. These firms can provide the same professional services that local attorneys receive but with an eye to the important elements visiting lawyers need for success.

Chicago Court Reporters Assist in Your Casework

Chicago Court Reporters Assist in Your Casework

New technology can be the way your law firm achieves more.

Chicago court reporters are playing an important role in the legal community among attorneys in the United States. They are becoming essential parts of case preparation and presentation in an age where technology is becoming more important to legal practices.

Technology can be used to connect attorneys to clients and other attorneys over great distances, with broadcast quality audio and video. It can be used to allow attorneys to speak with and question witnesses and have a transcript to read as well as the audio and video that allows the lawyer and jurors to assess the truthfulness of witnesses.

Illinois court reporters also have the unique challenge of often being faced with the demands of the legal system working over great distances. In addition to the work they provide for local law firms, they also are often called upon to work for visiting legal professionals. This means knowing how to accommodate lawyers who need to make the most out of their travel as well as providing the highest level of litigation support to the local community. Many of the most experienced firms have the versatility to handle issues that may arise in depositions with quick thinking and flexibility.

Court reporting firms have become a vital part of the legal industry. Choosing a firm that can provide the latest technology and solutions to the challenges of today’s interconnected world can be a crucial piece in the success of an attorney preparing a case. Serving both local and visiting clients is their top priority, and they are ready to bring innovation and professionalism to law practices.